My Life For A Successful Student Athlete

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Throughout my life I have had to overcome different challenges. I have persevered through these challenges in my home life, extra curricular activities, and in school to be a successful student athlete. I have participated in many experiences that have changed me into a better person. My extracurriculars activities, sports, and music have made me into a well rounded person, and would be a great fit at UW-La Crosse.
When I was a child my parents divorced, soon after, my mother remarried. Growing up I lived half time with each of my parent. As I started to get older I realized that my stepdad had a drinking problem, and it continued to get worse as I got older. He started to verbally abuse me, and my mother did nothing to stop it. Finally at the beginning of my eighth grade year I chose to make a positive decision in my life and leave that house, my life in Viroqua, and all of my friends. That winter my dad gave me the opportunity to attend Lincoln middle in La Crosse, and live with him full time. That decision ultimately, changed my life forever. The things I have accomplished in my four years of high school have been astounding to me.
In my four years at Logan high I’ve been extremely involved. I have been in sports, music, National Honors Society, champions mentoring program, and I won my school’s Mr. Ranger pageant. These things make me well rounded and more versatile. The sports I have been involved in are football, wrestling, and track. My senior year I only plan on
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