My Life Has Changed Our Life

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If I were a well-educated and social kid, I would live a life no one could imagine of. My parents have been living on a farm ever since I was born. Every day of my life I have been raising cows, raising field crops, and livestock. Neither had we had enough time or money to move to an immense mansion or leave our farm. My life is all about working and I can’t even apply for school because of how poor we are. My life has changed like a series of books. I wish I could have known that my life was going to be full with sadness and mourning, but in life everyone has to…die On Sunday morning, I woke up with the same thoughts and the same yelling from my parents for the past 12 years. Seriously, I would rather be deaf then hear my parents yell, “make sure you clean the barn out when we are gone and feed the cows”. I slowly went down stairs with my shoulders down and a hideous look on my face. My pale, face showed how disappointed was with my unpleasant life. As soon as I got down stairs, the box I had put out in the kitchen was there just waiting for me to pick it up. I finally realized that I did not have enough time to do all of my chores when my parents came back. Quickly, I grabbed the brown, crinkly box from the bottom with my boney, cold hands and picked it up the best I could. Every step I looked carefully to make sure I didn’t fall. I kept the box inside my room so I could know where it was and that I could keep track of it. It was noon and my parents were still not back

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