My Life Has Not Been The Easiest

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My life has not been the easiest, but it did provide me with incredible opportunities. Growing up I did not know any English because Spanish was my first language. I was also my mother’s first born and that made her nervous when making decisions, such as what school I would go to. However, she had my grandmother around and together they were able to make a decision. When I started kindergarten, I was the only one in my class that did not know English. Of course, kids teased and giggled, but I was afraid to tell my mother because I thought I would be blamed. Thankfully, the teasing got the attention of my teacher and she was able to put a stop to it. I had an incredible kindergarten teacher and she took the time to teach me outside of class. Looking back at the opportunities I have been given, the two most important people that gave me access to so much information and support, are my kindergarten teacher and my mother. My family thought that if I just watched some of the cartoons in English that I would start to pick up the language. Unfortunately, that was certainly not the case and I fell behind my classmates. Reading and writing scores were low and my kindergarten teacher noticed. Apparently, she went over to our home and talked to my mother about my options. From that point on, she was taking time after school to teach me the language. She gave me books, videos and different activities that I could complete and I would then take tests with her. Brandt writes,
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