My Life, Home Life And Spiritual Life

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Personal barriers are obstructions put in place by old Scott that negatively affect New Scott’s achievement in his work life, home life and spiritual life. Barriers are created by being hurt or let down in some way and then swearing to not have it happen again. These barriers end up hindering me in doing what I need to do to succeed and be a new person that does not have those restrictions holding me back.
In my college years I had to be very fiscally due to the fact that I could not count on anyone to help me out with my expenses. I am not bitter about this fact, quite the opposite; I cherish the fact that I was able to make it completely through my undergraduate career without having to rely on someone else. There were rough times that in which I had absolutely no money and missed out on opportunities to travel and gain valuable experiences. I have also been put in the situation where emergency expenses have come up and I have needed money and not been able to get it. This has happened with medical bills, tuition, rent and other very important things. So personally I have erected a barrier within myself to save as much money as possible when I have it. There are things I may need but because it is a certain percentage of my income or what not I neglect it, essentially kicking the can down the road until I do have enough money. The barrier that I have created was due to seeing my mom struggle with money even still in her 40’s and not saving any money throughout her career.…

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