My Life I Have Not Always Chosen The Right Career Path

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In my journal through life I have not always chosen the right career path. When I was in high school I have no specific plan for the future. I started my family early; a single mother at age 18 with no job and nowhere to live. Over the next 3 years I eventually found a job and applied for an apartment. After working 23 years in manufacturing I became weary with life. I realized that an education was the best choice for my future. However, I’ve always had an interest for teaching others and a passion for caring about others. As a single mother of two, I had to grow up fast, provide for my children while trying to prepare them for a future I myself was not equipped for. I knew that education was the answer to all my problems. Education not only guarantees me a good job, but also a good future. Meanwhile, I had to make some tough decisions. I was working at the time, also I wanted to pursue a career, and so my thought was, do I quit working or take night classes: it was not an easy decision to make providing, that I was a single mother with responsibilities, but I somehow decided to quit my job.
Meanwhile, I decided to pursue a career in teaching that eventually led to Counseling/Psychology. I knew this career path would not be easy; there would be obstacles and challenges that would come my way. However, I was determined to succeed at whatever the cost would be. My first choice was teaching so I searched for a school that had a good educational program. I knew I had the

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