My Life In High School Essay

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Any senior right now will honestly ask themselves how they could have possibly made it this far knowing how stressful high school can be. To finally come to this point in my life it feels amazing. Many seniors have their own way of making it to this place in time. I will give the reader my advice and thoughts on how to make the most of your life in high school.
The first thing anyone will tell you to do in high school is to simply be involved. There are many ways to be involved with high school, the only problem with being involved is choosing the right activity or club for you. My advice for anyone who wants to be in a club or a sport is to give each club or sport a try. It doesn’t matter if its FFA or Basketball, just tryout anything their possibly is and you possibly might like doing whatever it is you're doing to be involved with your school, trust me I’m telling you from experience.
When it comes to assignments you either succeed or you fail. If you’re like me, you have most likely mastered failure unfortunately. In reality is failure a bad thing? In certain cases failure is not so bad. Failing can be frustrating but when you fail at whatever you are doing you can easily learn from that failure and correct yourself and next thing you know you're passing that class you were just failing. Now success is a different story. Success is probably one of the most rewarding feeling there is, especially when you pull an all nighter on that composition you forgot to do last week
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