My Life In High School

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School can be a great place of growth and a time in one’s life where they may find themselves. Specifically, high school can be considered the most important time in all years of schooling. One of the more important places to me is my high school, Bullitt East. Bullitt East at first glance is just another high school but to me it means more especially with it being my senior year and having a good understanding of the school. Bullitt East has shaped me into the person I am today by helping me pick my career, get into playing tennis, and giving a place to socialize. This school has changed me in mostly positive ways that have made me who I am today.
Room 102 is a larger room located at the entrance of the first hall. As you enter the room you the first thing you noticed is how chilly it is and how it is almost inevitable that you will get cold chills. The room is filled with black tables and throughout the classroom lays many different tools and devices to build or measure things. The classroom is the engineering classroom. In sophomore year I learned about the engineering pathway and decided to try it out. after taking it that year and being in the classroom working with all the tools I knew that I wanted to do engineering as my career. I learned that work can be enjoyable if you have a passion or interest in what you are working with. Taking the engineering class up to my current year has led me to new friend’s, new opportunities to go on trips such as viewing the recent
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