My Life In Puerto Rico

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Palm trees, a cloudless sky, and summery weather year round. This basically summarizes my first four years of life living in Puerto Rico. I loved it, going to the beach every day, whether August or December. Living there and being taken care of during the day by my one hundred Puerto Rican grandparents, Spanish was my first language. Of course, I learned English too and had them both down fluently enough to have the ability to use them interchangeably. Then came the move from Puerto Rico to North Jersey, one I was fully unaware and thought it was simply a visit, which I always thought was very cruel of my parents. I have moved a total of four times in my life, the total of houses is more, but four different towns. This one may have been the…show more content…
Going back to my preschool days, I had a disadvantage from the other kids, I mean we all know how hard preschool is. I sometimes thought things in Spanish and had to try to translate them to English. This only made me work twice as hard, reading and writing every day to get to the level I need. Preschool, again as hard as it is, only really needed a month to make me the same level as the other kids. But, I was always an overachiever, and became well above them and the teachers pet, and not going to lie but it probably annoyed them on the way (and I knew it). I became the model student, and I wish I could say the same about me now. I read books way over my age level, and everyday. I also wrote, everyday, mostly short little stories or plays to reenact with dolls. All the way up until Freshman year, I was a straight A student (I may or may not have gotten lazy along the way). Speaking Spanish and moving to a new school was definitely an obstacle in my life, but looking back I think I can say it was for the better, actually, I know it was for the better. It made me the (mostly) motivated and hard worker I am today, and definitely gave me a fondness for reading and
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