My Life Is A Case Of Existential Crisis

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Anxiety. Stress. These emotions bring forth many headaches and heartaches. People often relate such emotions to problems or unexpected happenings. But could it be instead a case of existential crisis? Existential crisis is when a person starts to worry or question the meaning of their life. Does life have a purpose? Does life have any value? If so, what is its value? In my case, it happens very often. Scared and alone, I often wonder about the meaning of my life. Is my life worth living? If you have felt this way, maybe you have a case of existential crisis. I am scared that I will not be able to accomplish my hopes and dreams. All I can think of is the mistakes I have made, the problems I have caused, and the wonderful things that I’ve sadly…show more content…
“One day, I’m going to be forgotten by everyone I love and care about”, is one of the thoughts I’ve had during those moments. My existential crisis makes it so that I feel lonely and forgotten when the reality is that I may be surrounded by so many people in real life. Forgetting something is an everyday occurrence. We forget where we left our glasses, we forget to call our mom back, or simply forget to eat. Being forgotten is something entirely different. If I am being forgotten and left behind by my friends and I am invisible to the whole world, is life worth…show more content…
I could be in a party, having fun, and suddenly I start to think about the things that worry me the most. This tears me up so much inside that I usually start to become desperate. I get desperate to do something else, leave, and go somewhere else. I often end up leaving parties because I’m no longer happy being there. When this happens I just don’t want to be in that place so much it becomes easy to isolate myself. Social isolation is when you isolate yourself from other people because you prefer to be alone or wish to have no contact with people and the rest of the world. I feel uncomfortable being around people; large crowds that I only want to have fun and be
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