My Life Is A Coaster Inside Of A Maze

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My life is like a rollercoaster inside of a maze. I attempt to hold steady as life’s circumstances climb and fall. A major turning point in my life was on December 4, 2013. On this day, my family and I were granted our immigrant visas to reside in the Unites States of America. My family was elated but I was saddened and angered. I was at the point in my life where I was finally happy in school. I had friends that I though cared about me and I did not want to change that. In the same breath, we received news that my aunt Audrey had passed away. Everything went blurred. I have no idea what happened, but what I know is that everything in my life had changed after that moment. I was devastated. It was a bittersweet time for my family. She was my best friend and motivator. She was the only person who could change my mood to a happy one without trying. A week later, my family moved to the United States from Jamaica, and settled in our new home in Alabama. This was unlike many Caribbean immigrants. They tend to gravitate to culturally rich places like New York. Leaving the only culture I had known was a difficult notion for me to grasp. I was lost in the world I lived in. I questioned everything. A number of difficulties ensued. With maturity, I learned to tolerate the emotional, cultural and social challenges I faced. Growing up, I was timid and bullied more than the average person. Moving here, I was still stuck in that shell, so it was rather harder for me to fit in. I was

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