My Life Is A Major Illness Called Malaria

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The stressful time, which I have encountered in my life is a major illness called Malaria. My body was infected with malaria disease and I suffered with bad health for about three months. In the third year of my under graduation, I have been attacked with malaria and It affected me allot. I believe it was the last day of the first semester in my third year of my under graduation. Myself came out from the college to my room and I was feeling little dull that day. Slowly there was a slight increase in my body temperature that night and I thought it might be a normal fever. It was a tough time to sleep that night in spite to the rise in my body temperature and even I have suffered with body pains that night. I was all alone in my room that night and moreover, I am staying about 300 kilometres far away from my parents to pursue my undergraduate studies. That night passed away and the next day In the morning I fell totally sick. There after I cannot have enough strength to do my work. On that day I did not go to my college and there after i made a phone call to my relative who lives in the town called Guntur. He arrived to my room in the evening and took me to the hospital. I was starving from the morning because I couldn’t have enough strength to cook for myself as I was totally ill on that day. The doctor prescribed certain Laboratory tests and for the mean time as it became evening he told to take some medicines that might decrease the intensity of my fever.
Later In the next
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