My Life Is Controlled And The Path Is Set For Me

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My life is controlled and the path is set for me. I don 't have any control of what I do and what people do to me. I am helpless. Totalitarian government has ruined me and now I am just a pawn in a chess game. When I was a kid, growing up in this type of government was very hard. Every part of my life was controlled. The government controlled what saw and what I heard. I got deceived into believing things that in reality had no idea what the truth behind it really was. Another way that the government affected me was through police terror. They used tanks, monitored telephone lines, read mail, and had informers everywhere to keep everybody under their rule in check. The police would operate without any restraints or laws to keep them in check. There was no privacy in my world and everything that I did was being monitored for anything that could be a threat to the government. They made sure no one fell out of line, and the people that did paid for it. They also made us believe that they were doing good things, like caring for their country and their citizens by using propaganda. This idea is based on incomplete information used to make people accept ideologies. There was also no room for my own religious beliefs, the government tried to spread their own religion belief and attacking religion. My religion beliefs meant nothing to the government and they had no problem trying to brainwash me into thinking what they wanted me to think. The government
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