My Life Is Different Than Other Kids ' My Age '

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Dunnivan 1
Marisa Dunnivan
Dr. Elaine Kelly
College Writing 161
Fall 2016 Research Paper
Growing up, my life was different than other kids’ my age. While most parents were very involved in their kids life, mine weren’t. My dad worked every day almost all day at our family business and when my mom wasn’t working there, she spent her nights at home drinking or out with her mischievous adult “friends”. My mother’s drinking problem was more than just a drinking problem. It affected my whole family negatively and she never realized it because she saw everything through a state of intoxication. When my mom would drink, she turned from the loving, caring, happy women I use to know to a rude, abusive, illiterate stranger. Unfortunately, I have spent the majority of my life so far seeing her from this angle and I have little memory of her when she didn’t struggle with alcohol, because I was so young when she was completely sober. Now as I grow older, I see so many people struggle with addictions and some people I’ve known are not as fortunate as my mother and have lost their lives due to their sickness. Since thus far alcohol and drug addictions have exhausted my mental, physical, and emotional health, I have decided to help myself by understanding more about addictions. My main focus has been on how addictions affect family and friends, how they arise, and who is most vulnerable to developing an addiction. Dunnivan 2
I was probably around age seven when I realized that my

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