My Life Is Great Right

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From the ages of 1-3 life is great right? You don’t have to go to school, you stay home with mom and do fun stuff. I remember when I was 4-5 we would always go on fun family trips from going to snowy mountains to Disneyland, but things changed one day when something happened that was going to change my life and my family’s.
A month before my birthday was going to come up, I remember waking up to get ready for 1st grade. I remember getting ready with my mom because at the time she worked at the same school I went to. We both got in the car, she dropped me off at my class and she went to go take care of kids for the rest of the day (she was a yard duty). During class, my teacher told us we had free time, the rest of the day consisted of fun, but right when I was about to start playing, I say an ambulance rush to the nearest office from the open door across the room. At the time being a kid I thought, “Wow! it’s an ambulance outside the school”; However, it was actually worse, because it wasn’t until, I got tapped on the back of my shoulder and saw my teacher and principle standing there both looking at me with worried faces.
As I saw them standing there, I remember my teacher telling me to come inside, because they had something to tell. As I walked in I saw the ambulance leave and that’s when I turned back around and they told me, “Your mommy had an accident and was just put inside that big car with the flashing lights”. I was so confused and didn’t understand, but then
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