My Life Is Like A Bed Of Roses

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A Better Me Life was like a bed of roses. My parent has always taken care of me and had manage most of my life. As I finished high school, I had decided to pursue higher education in the United States. It was a tough decision as I have never gone to a foreign land on my own, but I wanted to prove to myself and parents that I can manage things on my own. I set out to the the United States like an adventurer out into the wilderness with not much skills of survival. The experiences that I have gone through while studying in the United States have help me gain new insight into exploring new things, overcoming emotional problems and being empathetic. Since my parents had managed everything for me, I had a hard time taking care of myself when I arrived in the United States. I had no experience in cooking as I regard it as the most daunting task in the world. I will never forget the first time I fried rice on my own. I prepared it by putting the rice into hot oil without cooking the rice. I thought it was how my mom had always prepared. The rice turned black and was not turning out the way I expected to be. I realized that I have burnt the rice. Then I tasted it, it was bitter and still hard. My mom couldn’t stop laughing when I told her the incident, but she made a complement that I was learning. Although, this might be a small mistake, I took this incident as my first lesson being on my own, and it was to learn form the mistakes and
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