My Life Lesson: Bend Middle School Football

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There's a moment in most people live where a life lesson in Shown through failure. that life lesson will stick with them for the rest of their lives and might even help or push them to succeed in life. in this story that I am about to tell you the life lesson “ the work/ effort that you put into it, is what you will get out of it”
As a seventh grade student at Lansing Middle School sports is where every student wants to be,Not only because sports are fine but because it's the first time you can join a school sport instead of a club sport. As for me a seventh-grader add Lansing Middle School,i did every single sport I could to stay out of trouble. The first sports I did was football.I was put on the C team and did not really try in football just showed up to practice and goofed around not really putting much effort into the sport. football season was over the next was basketball in the which you had to try out for. just like football I came in to try out goofing around not putting much effort into the sport and just hoping I would make the team . on that Friday the week of tryouts the list was posted so that the players could see who made the team, sadly my name was not up there but every single
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mr. Averill the head wrestling coach ask me to join the wrestling team. which at first I thought was weird being a single it in front of a whole bunch of people wrestling a guy who's in a single just like me. what I said why not there was no tryouts and no support to keep me out of trouble. so just like football and basketball I showed up to practice and mess around,until we got to our first dual of the year. I can just remember how excited I just get on the mat and use all the moves that we have been practicing on and practice but then I sat and I thought what have I learned in practice and I could not remember I learned in
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