My Life Lessons Learned In Softball, Soccer And Track

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When I was little I played tons of sports, like softball, soccer and track. Whenever I played I had always tried my best no matter if we were losing or if we were winning. I tried to never give up no matter what the score of the game was or if I got hurt, I still went out and played my heart out like my life depended on it. The most important life lesson that I had learned from my parents, teammates, and coaches is that no matter what you always have to try your best and never give up, no matter that the scenario is. For softball I had played since I was about 5 years old, and I started to play travel softball when I was about 11 years old. When I played softball we would go to a tournament called States and World Series, it took place once a year. The tournament would usually…show more content…
I had just started practicing a couple months before and I wasn’t as good as everyone else. Just because I wasn’t as good, it didn’t stop me from trying my best. I went out there and tried my best and made sure that we would be able to go as far as I could. When I was in the middle of a game I was going to get a grounder and I had got hit in the face and got a bloody nose and had I had to be taken out of the game. After the game I felt better and continued to keep playing throughout the tournament. Towards the end of the tournament we started winning a lot more and we were able to go to the finals. When we had went to the finals we had played a total of five games that day and were moving onto our sixth games. Everyone was tired and we were about ready to give up. Before the finals we all tried to get pumped up and ready to be able to play out best. When the game ended it was a close match. We had lost by one run. After the game we were all disappointed but were able we were able to get second place out of the World
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