My Life : My Blood Runs Deep Through The Hills Of Southeastern Missouri

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My blood runs deep through the hills of Southeastern Missouri and around the swollen bends of the Mississippi river. We are proud of our heritage, whose roots extend across the flat lands of the Midwest. Beneath the plump belly and peppered hair of my father resides a man who was brought up on a farm. His father cultivated the rich land and raised livestock. He was also successful in his endeavors of climbing the corporate ladder at McDonnell Douglas, which is where my father is employed today. My mother, whose swollen feet and tanned skin tell the story of her hard-working nature, grew up in a strict household in Alton, Illinois. By being around a skilled housekeeper throughout childhood, my mother has learned the art of balancing motherhood and employment as a nurse and being exceptionally good at both. Her big heart and unbreakable compassion has carried her for over thirty years as a nurse who has emotionally and physically changed the lives of others. These two said lives innocently collided at a Wendy’s restaurant in Alton during their teenage years. Without a doubt, they fell in love four years later and began to date. Ten years down the road, Mr. Kenny and Bonnie Norris tied the knot. Two years after this, I was born, followed by the subsequent birth of my sister fifteen months later, and then my brother five years later. We grew up in a small, close-knit subdivision in the rural town of Jerseyville, Illinois. We played basketball with the other children under the…
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