My Life : My Career Path

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My Luminous Career Path Growing up in a poor country where there were insufficient medical supplies and nurses was very frustrating. Fortunately, I had my mom’s friend who was a nurse in the neighborhood. She was always going above and beyond her scope to deliver the best service to everyone she encountered with, although she was setting in a hospital. After witnessing her dedication and her differences she made as a nurse, ever since in my early teen years, I was always making a difference in other people’s lives, such as my classmates, my siblings, and my friends. Growing up, I did not want to cease it. Although I encountered so many obstacles during the course of my late teen years, I am looking forward to continue making the difference in people’s lives and bringing them hope and cheer. And how do I plan to do that? It is with my luminous career path – to earn an associate degree in nursing, which is the most common initial nursing education. According to an article titled “20 Reasons why you should be a nurse”. It states that the main reason of “being a nurse is to make enormous differences emotionally to others”. But being a nurse, does not happen overnight. There are steps that must be taking to reach there. After researching my career, these are what I was able to come up with. First of all, a high school or a general equivalence diploma must be earned, which I earned it. This diploma gives me a head start on the nursing prerequisites in college that
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