My Life Of A Cab Calloway

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Cab Calloway was born in Rochester, New York, on Christmas Day in 1907. The family relocated to Baltimore, Maryland. His mother, Martha Eulalia Reed, was a Morgan State College graduate, teacher and church organist. His father, Cabell Calloway, Jr., was a graduate of Lincoln University of Pennsylvania in 1898 and worked as a lawyer and in real estate
Cab Calloway spent his adolescent years growing up in West Baltimore 's Sugar Hill, considered the political, cultural, and business hub of black society. There he grew up comfortably in a middle-class household. Early on, his parents recognized their son 's musical talent and he began private voice lessons in 1922. He continued to study music and voice throughout his formal schooling. Despite his parents ' and teachers ' disapproval of jazz, Calloway began frequenting and performing in many of Baltimore 's nightclubs. As a result, he came into contact with many of the local jazz luminaries of the time. He counted among his early mentors drummer Chick Webb and pianist Johnny Jones. After his graduation from Frederick Douglass High School,Calloway joined his older sister, Blanche, in a touring production of the popular black musical revue, Plantation Days.(Blanche Calloway became an accomplished bandleader before her brother did, and he would often credit her as his inspiration for entering show business.) His parents had hopes of their son becoming an attorney following after his father, so Calloway enrolled at Crane College in
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