My Life Of A Child

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A child imitates its parents while it grows up, thus making them copy or imprint their actions, becoming child’s point of reference as it matures. I being no exception did the same. I looked up to my parents especially my mother, a high school teacher for Chemistry having a strong background in biology as my point of reference. She became my educational pillar and the ember of interest for science kindled right from my childhood days. This ember of interest turned into flames when I entered my high school.
The role of my alma mater S.A. Jain Sr. Model school is unforgettable in moulding me a unique personality. My schooling provided me with the much needed information for a scientific approach in life. It taught me that just having
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The educational motto of the college “Thorough knowledge of fundamental principles and expertise in core topics” helped me set a firm foot in the door. Apart from strong foundation in theoretical knowledge, I also participated in academic research project entitled “Process Engineering of Xylanolytic Enzymes from Different Bacterial Isolates for Commercial Application”. We, a team of two students isolated potent cellulase free xylanase producing bacterial strains and produced enzymes in vitro for use as an environmentally harmless pulp bleaching agent in an industrial outlook. The theme of the project was to reduce pollution load on the environment caused by bleaching agents used in paper and pulp industry. The research project helped me hone my critical and analytical thinking and stimulated me to pursue advanced scientific knowledge. As a part of academics, I have also undergone one month training experience at Panacea Biotech. Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company in India for two consecutive years. I learned to practice professional skills with a sense of time management, concurrence and teamwork. It is during this phase of my educational training that I was attracted towards the core pharmaceutical sciences.
As describing myself, I would say that I hold
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