My Life Of A New York City Pollution

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Sixty Five Roses It’s a new year, and my lips still taste like the salty Tobramycin, my lungs still feel like they’re drowning, and my body is still on it’s way down. This is Cystic Fibrosis and I. I moved to this sunshine state for the warm, salty sea air. In hopes my lungs would benefit from it. Anything is better than that old New York City pollution. Even after great medical discoveries and advances, my genetic mutation can not be cured, I never was able to picture myself doing this college thing, as my life expectancy was 18 when I was a child and in my teen years. Well, here I am, 18 years young and attending a college. Telling you my rollercoaster story; a journey that brings strength and hardship. “ You need to take your…show more content…
He knew I always guzzled those things down like I was parched. He handed me the drink, FIVE creon capsules, and said “ I am not leaving until you take these enzymes Rosa.” Now, I took pills for other reasons. Vitamins, steroids for my lungs, but I never had to take pills as big as my enzymes. They were great in size, and smelly in a potent scent. My daily pills soon became the Rhode Islands of all pills after taking Creon. Soon this became the norm to me, knowing I wouldn’t get my Furby toy from my happy meal unless all three enzymes were taken. Before I ever left the house, Do I have my enzymes? * * * “ We are going to introduce you to a whole new set and delivery of antibiotics Rosalie.” The doctors always made me anxious when they collaborated ideas like that. It could’ve been the potent smell of alcohol in the clinic, or my nerves making me nauseous, but I knew what was coming. They wanted to put a PICC line in me. Basically, this is a line that can connect to an IV injection from a tube coming out my arm. It goes up and into a heart. Me being 8 years old, I had no choice. I eventually woke up from the surgery with an IV line coming out of my upper right arm. I was drowsy, and I’ve never felt such hysteria. I was absolutely miserable. Of course I got used to it eventually. It was time for me to go home, because that was the whole point of the PICC line shin-dig. I get to do treatments at home now. That soon flowed into
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