My Life Of A Warm Spring Day During The Last Quarter Of My Junior Year

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It all started on a warm spring day during the last quarter of my junior year. My brother, Travis, had been dating a girl, Graye, for about two years, and he wanted to ask her to marry him. They were quite serious, and Graye had been passive aggressively hinting to Travis that all of her friends were getting married. The problem was that she was older than all of them, yet there she was still dating the same guy for almost two years, and she wasn’t engaged.
So, Travis decided to take her on a traditional silent walk, a tradition that meant they really loved each other, and were ready to be married. Before they were done, and could talk, he pulled out the ring and knelt down. While still not saying anything, Graye exclaimed her happiness through expression and appearance. After they had finished the tradition and kissed under the gondola at midnight, and could now talk, Travis pulled the ring out one more time. Travis stared at Graye looking for an answer. Graye deftly responded to the stare, “Are you going to ask me?” To which Travis was caught off guard. So, Graye squealed, “ I don’t care, YES!” Later that summer, Travis decided to ask me an important question. Graye had gone down to Hawaii to stay with some family, and I had decided that I wanted to work for the local theater company putting on the show Jesus Christ Superstar.
It was just like any other day in the summer, Travis went to work at a brisk 6:30 a.m. and I could sleep in until 7:30, when I would promptly

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