My Life Of A White Hospital Room

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I wake up in a white hospital room to the sound of continuous beeping that seems to be coming from some sort of monitor. Evertime my heart beats there 's another beep. The steady sound continues as I gaze intently out the open window on the wall opposite me. Through the window all I can see is the forest filled with trees that twist and wind up toward the sunlight. Usually the sight of the forest would comfort me since the past 12 years of my life were spent playing in those exact woods; laughing, joking, and making fond memories that should 've lasted a lifetime...But now looking out into those dark never ending woods they just remind me of her and what could 've been. Her name was Diana. She was a brilliant young woman only 36. She was a loving and resilient wife to her husband, a kind friend to any stranger, a worried sister, a fearless leader to our pack, and a loving mom to her two daughters who was willing to give it all up to save me. She was so many things to so many people and now she 's gone because of me. Now my 3 year old sister is going too grow up without a mother to comfort her when she 's sad, to teach her what 's write and wrong, my dad won 't have his mate to stand by him through the good and bad, and the pack, all the people that relied on her won 't have their leader. My life for hers... I can 't help but think it wasn 't a fair trade. My names Hayden the woman I call "mom" took me in when I was only 6 years old. My family was camping in the
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