My Life Of Becoming A Fashion Designer

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As a little boy plays with his toy fire trucks, he dreams of what it would be like to be a real-life firefighter and to help save people. A little girl plays dress up with her friends and mixes and matches different outfits for their fashion show. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Dreams are the start of creating to reality. Some of us like these children dream and aspire to grow up and be a real world version of a pretend reality. Some of us develop a dream along the way. We all have a common desire to contribute to the working class and have a passion for what work field we are to be in. A truly satisfying career. How we get there is a personal story. Personal experience that revealed one 's interests in a decided career, specific passions and aspirations. For me, I personally have chosen on becoming an RD or Registered Dietitian. The beginning of my story in deciding what career I wanted to peruse, was my emotional experience throughout middle school. I had yet to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, but during my middle school years, I had major body and self-esteem issues. I was very skinny and was often told I needed to gain weight and was asked If I ate. Looks of disgust were given and secretive whispers about my body. Little did my judgmental peers know, I was underweight due to medical reasons and being born prematurely. It had followed me throughout my life. It was not by choice and more than anything I wished to be normal. I wished to feel
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