My Life Of Becoming A Nurse

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One sweltering day in August of 2014, while New York was experiencing a 108-degree heat wave, I made a decision that changed my life forever. Two months leading up to this day, I had just graduated high school, and eager as ever to start a new chapter in my life, college. One problem stood in my way though. I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. I was planning on attending York College, because of the central location, but with no direction as to what major in. On this day, I finally realized that I wanted to be a nurse. Throughout my college career, I have faced countless challenges, that helped shape me as an individual. I believe that both my negative and positive experience as a Pre- Nursing Student at York College, has molded …show more content…
Looking at it from a big picture, the prerequisite courses range from the largescale study of the entire body, to the microscopic cells that function within. These courses serve as the foundations of nursing, and it’s an incredibly tough course load. These classes are designed to assess the drive and ambition of young students. Aspiring to be a nurse is one thing, but having the mindset to survive nursing school is another thing. Learning the fundamental language of nursing is one of the challenges many nursing students face, including me. One might feel that it is not important to understand how all the cranial nerves work with one another to carry out daily life functions, but nurses are expected to have a wide range of education. Information such as the functions of cranial nerves are as important as recognizing the signs and symptoms of a common cold. I believe that these courses, although extremely tough, are vital to the admission process of Nursing school. I feel as if these courses were not in place students might start nursing school and end up dropping out, and switching majors. These courses prepare you for nursing school and the real career that you are considering and if you cannot manage to triumph the challenges of these courses, then one might want to reconsider their career options.
One challenge I faced as a Pre-Nursing student at York College was that an

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