My Life Of Becoming A Parent

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At this time in my life, I find myself to be a parent, a friend, and an employee. these are the main characteristic that have influenced my life. Becoming a parent, has taught me what love is and to never take someone for granted. I don’t consider myself a friend to many people only to a few that understand me and knows what I am about in regards to being a friend. Also I consider myself a dedicated employee. being these things, a parent, a friend, and an employee have made me become who I am today. I never thought that becoming a mom would change my life the way it has. I have two beautiful kids that are my world. Even though there 11 years apart every day I fall in love all over again. For example, I may have had a rough day at work and I would come home and my two kids would greet me with the biggest hug and kiss s and say “Mommy” with the biggest smile on their faces. I can recall on my 30 birthday my daughter who always made me something for my birthday saved up her money a bought me a diamond necklace with the word mom in it. I became a mother at the age of 20. I had to grow up and take on a big responsibility. I also realize it wasn’t just me that I would have to take care of. Being a parent I had to start preparing for the future of my kids. I had to open a saving account and start putting money up for their college and for other things that were needed such as clothes, shoes, and even feed them. I’ve also learned that being a parent you have to
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