My Life Of Becoming A Veterinarian

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This project was my compass when I needed one most. This past year I have doubted everything I knew about myself. Recently, for some unknown reason, I no longer felt motivated to follow my childhood dream of becoming a Veterinarian. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become a Veterinarian. I believed all signs pointed me to work with animals. For example, years after I’ve been telling my mom what I wanted to become she confessed she wanted to be the same thing as me. But she left her dreams in the wind for a man whom she believed at the time would be hers forever. This gave me even more belief I figured it all out because I was an ‘oops’ baby. From this information I gathered that was my sole purpose of being on this earth. I told everyone who would listen I was going to be a Veterinarian no matter what. In return, I always heard, “Oh you must go to A&M – it is the best school for what you want to do!” So that was my dream until this project.
To analyze the assessments – I’m happy with all my results. They all confirm my previous beliefs of myself. The first test I took was the personality test. My results were INFP – which is interesting because I normally ENFP with a side note saying I am also closely considered to be a INFP. This is due to me having Bipolar Disorder. With Bipolar Disorder, there are two moods – Manic and Depressive. If you know about the disorder my two personality types fit perfectly with the moods. In a manic episode I thrive off of social…

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