My Life Of Becoming An Actor

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“Mom, I am changing my major to theatre”. The year is 2014, I am a sophomore in college, and I have just completed the final run of the show “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” by August Wilson. I was cast as Mattie Campbell. At the time, I was a journalism major who didn’t really have the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an actor. However, after completing this show, I was tired of giving half of me to the art that I loved. Therefore, the day before my scheduled academic advisement, I commenced to making a very intimidating call home to my parents to share the news. As I spoke to my mother, there was a long daunting silence, as if I dropped an important cue line on stage. Finally she said, in what seemed to be a deep solemn sigh, “Ok,…show more content…
I love morphing into the person that the audience finds their story in. This is a mesmerizing feeling; once the audience shares the emotions of the character with you, you have done your job. I find joy in the “art of doing”, and knowing through this art that I am uplifting others assures me that I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.
Thus far, I have enjoyed my journey in theatre. Unfortunately, however, I came to the realization that no kid wants to say aloud, “my mother was right”. I needed to have a plan. During this fall semester of my senior year, I truly took the time to reflect on “life after college”. During my matriculation at Tennessee State University, I have gained a solid foundation in theatre. However, as my professors have always stated, there is always more to learn. My mind roamed with the following questions: Do I learn by going right to work? Do I apply for graduate school? Where are the signs?
Oddly enough, I received three signs that pointed towards the direction of Yale School of Drama. First, I met a woman whose son attended the graduate program, and he was kind enough to converse with in regards to his current school experience. Second, one of my grandfather’s close friends is an alumnus of this institution, and I had the pleasure of speaking with him. Third, in a final sit down with my professor,
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