My Life Of Being A Princess

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I was born into a life that was stacked against me to be anything but great. I’m a statistic. I’m a black child who had an imprisoned parent and was born in a poor neighborhood in Chicago. The life I have now wasn’t suppose to be mine for the taking. It wasn’t supposed to go anywhere. Statistics don’t have a happily ever after. I’ve always been attached to the idea of being a princess. From my earliest moments I remember having everything I owned be pink and princess theme. Even my ceiling was pink! As I grew up, I watched all the movies and read all the books. I love it, I was obsessed. Then, when I compared what I discovered about my family and my statistic, it became clear that I could never be a princess. That’s because black girls and other kids like just me can’t be, it wasn’t built for us. My family wasn’t rich, they weren’t royal, and they weren’t white. I was okay accepting that narrative because it’s true. The princess dream wasn’t created for me… . Once Upon A Time My dad and his older sister were born before their mother reached 19 years old. Their father was arrested and sent to prison for many years. They were disconnected from their father and wouldn’t reconnect until later in their adulthood, when I met him at 16. The only grandfather, I knew was my dad’s stepfather who died in jail when I was in the first grade. Growing up, my dad would cut class all the time because he’d rather watch baseball than be in school. He barely tried in school, barely
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