My Life Of Golf

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Golf is something I have always played. The more I play the game, the more I think about how it relates to life and how everything one does on a golf course can be something that one should be doing in life. I use the lessons that I have learned on the course and I apply them to my life, I feel it has helped me grow and become the man I am today.
Ever since I was a kid playing golf, I was told to follow through on my swing. If you don’t follow through, then you will never make good contact with the ball. Now that I’m older, I realize that this not only pertains to golf but everything that I will do for the rest of my life. My mom always told me whenever I wanted to quit something that I need to follow through and that we were not quitters. She said I would never get anywhere in life if I didn’t follow through. I always follow through in both golf and life now.
Another example would be quitting. in golf, I have bad rounds a lot of the time: hooking the ball off the tee, shanking the ball in the water hazard, hitting the ball in sand traps. After a couple bad holes, you just want to quit. This can also happen in real life; bad days happen all the time (trust me). When nothing is going right for you that day: getting a bad grade on a paper, getting a stain on your favorite shirt, getting a ticket on your way home. Bad days are just bound to happen. Golf has been a great teacher when it comes to quitting, I know now that I have to push through and keep playing and that it gets
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