My Life Of K Pop Music

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I-Search Essay If I am not studying nor have other plans, I spend most of my time listening to K-pop music. Sometimes I watch these K-pop celebrities on reality TV shows, movies, Korean TV dramas, and even their live performances on YouTube or a live streaming app. I 've been listening to K-pop for more than five years. Soon I began to accumulate knowledge about Korean culture, entertainment, and music industry. I was always intrigued by other Asian cultures such as Chinese and Japanese since I thought it was interesting to compare with my Vietnamese background. I was able to discover K-pop due to my natural curiosity and open-mindedness to explore other cultures. Soon I learned that the K-pop culture isn 't perfect as it appears to be. In the beginning, I thought the K-pop idols were flawless and being in their footsteps would be ideal, but I was extremely wrong. Over time, after being connected to K-pop community through Tumblr, YouTube, and Korean News websites, I found out that many Korean idols have background story to become famous and that it was not as easy to reach to the top of Korean music industry. A very important aspect off the Korean music industry is the Korean record labeling companies. Korean record labeling companies may hold several famous idols and keep a clean image but I found many scandals concerning them. Naturally when you start being knowledgeable about celebrities, you come across scandals. There were many topics I could have covered such as

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