My Life Of Mermelada

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Mermelada It was a perfect day. I woke up. I was young. I didn’t care about life. I had one thing I cared about, and it was Soccer. My summer that year had been dreadful to anybody else's standards, but to me it was perfect. I would go out every day around Five Pm and go to a local Soccer field, and just forget how much my life sucks. This certain day, however, was distinct. My 17-year-old uncle, Christian Arias, arrived at my house, and off we went. When we got there I saw my friend Orlando playing with some girls and guys. I didn’t join. There was another game right next to that one, where things seem more appealing to my soccer mind. I played. After this incredibly fun pick-up game, I saw her. I asked for the name to some of my friends that were there, and once they gave me her name, and I simply thought, “Wow, what a great name.” I contemplated, and I decided I Was going to go talk to her. As I hit myself, trying to make myself get off and go talk to her, she went to Orlando. That’s when they broke it to me. The stunning girl, with the fascinating name: Luz, and Orlando were a couple. Discouraged, I went home. That night when I got home, I told Christian about the beautiful girl I saw. He didn’t care, he said “Show me a picture.” So I did. He exclaimed “She looks like a lil’ alien, bro.” Abashed with his comment, I argued, “Are you stupid? She is perfect how do you not see it!” He mean mugged me and remarked, “ Why are you calling me stupid for a girl you don’t even

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