My Life Of My Mother Essay

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Funny, caring, strong willed, and hard-working were some of the words that described Puthachart Pham. Her face was quite youthful for her age as wrinkles have not completely conquered her face. Only in some areas at the end of her eyes and the outer edge of her smile line. Black sun spots, moles, and the occasional pimple surrounded the center of her face. At the age of forty five and being five foot tall, her rebelliousness was reflected by her short fiery red hair with an attitude. “You can dine here and treat me with respect or get the fuck out here” was a phrase I remembered clearly when my mother would be brutally honest to her customers. She has been a waitress for a little more than twenty years and believed that people should stand up for themselves if another person attempts to take advantage of you. My mother has always been the type to get a gang of friends and beat them up if they hurt someone important to her.
Furthermore, she took pride in working three jobs to keep the family afloat without the assistance of my father and being the first and only child of her family to move to America on her own. My mother’s humor is quite hard to dislike. Her purposely silly mom jokes can make anyone’s day brighten up. We would have dance battles to see who could dance the best and I obviously always won because I had more diverse moves and I didn’t just stick to spinning my hips around. On her days off she would spend hours sprawled on our green couch in the living room…

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