My Life Of My Mother

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(revised) This story is about my mother. Her name is Nita. As much as i like her i like her name too. If there is reason that i do not like her that would be she name me kunjan. Love and mom both are same words for me. She guides me in good ways every single day. She cares smallest things that related me and she always worry about me and my older brother TAPAN. Everyone in the world has someone who means alot to them. For me the most important person of my life is my mom. When we were in india my dad and my mom both were working seven days. As i was child i was always thinking that why they are working a lot. Besides working, my parents were also taking care for my every single things.I am realising now that after working eight hours and still she had to make food for her kids had been very tough for her. But i never seen her making my choice food every time without smile. At that time i thought that making food and working that is her job and she has to do. As i was growing fast my demands were growing fast too. When i came in high school i asked her to buy me a new cellphone and new motorcycle.After a long fight She bought me both things and again i thought that this is her job to buy me whatever i want.I can say today that wasn’t her job that she bought me everything that was just her love to me. After high school i moved out to another city for college. She guided me to choose right path in college. I decided to go in engineering

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