My Life Of The Age Of Thirty Three

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At the age of thirty-three, I feel comfortably middle class. My husband and I have been quite fortunate in this aspect of life and continue to make wise, practical decisions that will further our current socio-economic status. Because this category is commonly defined by material possessions, we own two homes (renting one to his former secretary) in the Southwest region of Springfield, two cars (03 models), a house full of furniture (some passed along by relatives, some purchased, some handmade), a motorcycle, a television in practically every room, and a garage full of tools. We both have retirement accounts through the state of Missouri, and we also have money set aside in three different savings accounts and an additional IRA. We can…show more content…
Their efforts allowed us to go to college and graduate with no student loans—none. This was an incredible gift that financially propelled us in life. We were able to save money and buy a home rather than renting. We paid off our cars much faster than the loans required. Our parents made this possible, and we are forever grateful. With this solid financial beginning, our career choices and practical spending habits improved our status even more. We are both employed by Missouri public education institutions. I have taught high school English for twelve years, and he has worked for Jordan Valley Innovation Center for almost as long. JVIC is funded by federal grants and Missouri State University, so he is technically a MSU employee. For both of us, our salaries are modest, but we have made the most of our opportunities to further ourselves. He has taken on side projects with various companies, earns extra as a handyman for friends and acquaintances, and somehow seems to always make a few extra dollars. I have added extra duties to my teaching responsibilities, which have added small stipends to my salary. I’ve also taken advantage of Jonathan’s employee tuition waiver to further my education and have bumped up the salary schedule. I recently took a job at a different district, and the salary is substantially higher than my previous school. After years of living
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