My Life Of The Elementary School I Went Up A Whole New World

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All throughout my life, I have had an interesting relationship with writing. As a child, my interests were more focused on reading than writing. In elementary school I fell in love with books. Initially I read simple children’s books, much like everybody else in my class, but it did not take long for my passion to drive me to read more difficult writings. Fiction books quickly became a replacement for any childhood toys. Instead of blocks or stuffed animals I would ask my parents for books. Since they were aimed at young readers, they tended to be short. I found myself going through them within days, and then soon several hours. Towards the end of elementary school I was reading series like Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was captivated, and reading truly opened up a whole new world for me. In middle school my love of reading shifted into non-fiction. I spent my free time studying science articles of all kind. Online resources and Science magazine became part of my daily routine. My interest in astronomy had me reading brief news articles, while I read long lab reports to satiate my curiosity in animal science. High school was when I developed a curiosity for writing. I had known from my previous experiences in middle school that writing in a classroom setting was exhausting and boring. Adding extra words to try to fill the last half page of a length requirement became dreadful back in sixth grade. I felt my writing was not interesting, but the

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