My Life - Original Writing

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Most nights, I would quickly and effortlessly fall asleep after a good meal and shower, but for some reason I found it very difficult to sleep this night. I tossed and turned part of the night and at other times lying there staring at the ceilings. Although I was sleepless, I was aware that I wanted a change in my life. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, I just knew that a change in scenery and lifestyle would be great for me now. I knew I had to get out of this town; I had to figure my way out of this mess, or I was going to end up killing myself in the process. For the first time in my life, I had all of these strange negative thoughts swirling around in my head, and I didn’t know where they came from, or why they were there. Each…show more content…
I quickly jumped out of bed, and went into the bathroom and washed my face, when I first looked into the mirror and did not recognize myself, nor did I understand the events that had just happened to me. I quickly reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed a bottle of sleep aid, I poured myself two tablets and I went into the kitchen to the refrigerator to grab myself a bottle water, I popped the two pills in my mouth, followed by a cold drink of water and then I proceeded back to my bedroom where I crawled into bed, turned the television on and watched a few comedy shows. Finally, I dozed off to sleep; only to be awakened by a loud worn out alarm clock, this thing had been in my family 's possession for three generations and you could tell that it was on its last leg. I on the other hand was glad because I didn’t want to throw it out without an excuse when my family searched for it when they visited. I lay there for a few extra minutes to gather my thoughts about the upcoming events of my day at the shop. More importantly, I was still wondering why I couldn’t sleep last night, but after a few seconds, I was up and heading first for the kitchen to start myself a pot of freshly brewed coffee while I was in the shower. After I opened the dark roast coffee pouch to pour it into my coffee maker the aroma filled my nose and my senses began
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