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"Catherine Nicole! Wake up right this minute!" I hear my mother shout from downstairs. I slide out of my bed and fix my hair to the best of my ability then walk over to my vanity and look in the mirror. I see a dark, cloaked figure huddled in the corner of my room and quickly turn around to see that the mysterious figure is gone. "Well, that was odd." I think to myself and get dressed to head downstairs. It was oddly quiet in the kitchen usually, my mom would be humming a little song while she was cooking breakfast but I didn 't hear one sound. "Mom?" I ask walking into the living room and she was not there, so I called out for her again and it was the same result, nothing but dead silence. "Mom? Come on, this isn 't funny anymore. Where…show more content…
I suppose I can 't do much now that my mother is gone. I wake up covered in sweat and I 'm breathing heavy as if something was sitting on my chest. I look around my room and notice it 's morning. "Just a bad dream, Catherine. That 's all this was." I say to myself and walk downstairs to hear my mother humming as the smell of bacon and toast fill the air. "Good morning, sweetie." My mom said as soon as she seen me walk into the kitchen. I look at the table and notice all of my favorite foods sitting on the table just waiting to be eaten and enjoyed then I notice a third plate filled with food. "Mom, who 's plate is that supposed to be for?" I ask her, still looking at the plate. "Oh, I forgot, he 's not here anymore. How silly of me. I 'm sorry." she says as she walks over and grabs the plate, putting it on the counter. "Mom, you said "he" isn 't here anymore. Who were you talking about?" I question as I sit down at the table. "Your baby brother, Catherine. I suppose you wouldn 't remember considering it is your fault." My mother snaps at me from across the table. I look at my mother in shock and just sit down at the table before filling my plate with the different breakfast foods all around the table and look over at my mom, who has this sad but serious look on her face. "Mom? Are you okay?" I ask her but she just ignores me and picks up her plate before walking into the living room and ignoring my question. "Well, since you want to
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