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Sandra is 19 years old. She is five feet four inches high, weighs one-hundred and thirty pounds. She always has a unique laugh. She always loved to wear Nike shoes. She is a very beautiful woman. She has dark black hair, brownie eyes with nice long lashes, and a cute smile. Every time she put make up it make her feel more confident and enhanced her beauty that is already there. But I already think she look beautiful the way she is without the make up. I met her back in mid-Winter of 2014. I went back home to the cities, North Minneapolis during winter break. As I got home I was checking on my Facebook on my cell. I was strolling down on my newsfeed and I saw a picture of this woman, who I thought was very beautiful. She has nice beautiful…show more content…
I didn’t talk to her. I didn’t want to look like a creep, and I didn’t think she would be interested in me. But that night as I was going to sleep, I got a message on Facebook from Sandra. She wrote, “Hey, I think I saw you at the New Year”. I was very surprised, because I forgot all about her. I was so focusing on meeting all my old friends at the event. I forgot to ask her if she was going to go to the event or ask her if she would like to hangout. But I think it was faith that bought us together. I mean how weird would it be seeing a complete stranger that you just met on social media two days ago. So I played dumb acting like I didn’t see her. I replied, “You did, when?” we started to talk to each other more asking each other favorite colors, food, places, and hanging outs. After a few days, we exchanged phone numbers. Which a week has already passed. She said that she lived in Brooklyn Park, which wasn’t far from me. We started to hangout, I took her to the mall of America. We went shopping, well more like I went shopping and she just tag along. Which I feel pretty bad. After shopping we went back to her house and watched a movie together and I ordered pizzas, she love pineapple with ham and I just like pepperoni and sausages. After the movie she ask me do I want to go to her cousin surprise birthday party and get to know her families side. I was caught by surprise when she asked me. But

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