My Life - Original Writing

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Finally At Last A few years ago, I finally decided to have the have the guts and ask my mom the question I had been wanting to ask her. Growing up I had strict parents but not that strict as if I were a prisoner in my own home. Almost every parent appear to be strict others on the other hand are not strict. Entering high school would be the most scariest chapter in my life, I going to meet several new people in my life. Biting my nails as I’m walking in on my first day of highschool, I turn my head left and right as if I were an owl. Seeing every girl looking like they are barbie dolls or Miss Universe. All the girls with their fresh makeup done like a professional makeup artist did their makeup while I am looking like a dead rat. My mother never allowed me to wear makeup for the reason being that I’d get acne. Butterflies in my stomach knowing a new chapter in my life would begin in a blink of an eye. Entering high school may not be easy as people make it seem. I did not want to let my mom down being that I knew high school would be tough like doing fifteen pushups in gym class. First day came, and I went to highschool on my first day with a friend, shaking and freezing on my way to the school. As our vehicle approached the school and my friend and I needed to get down. Once my foot stepped on high school ground my stomach sunk to the bottom of the ocean. We entered the building and we saw many new faces, stuttering asking my friend, “Where do we go in this gigantic

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