My Life - Original Writing

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BOOM! The doors busted, open gunshots fired. A grenade went off, echoing through the room. Grenade shrapnel flew everywhere. The next thing I knew, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I looked down and saw that blood was oozing out of the fresh wound. Suddenly, things started to get blurry, the room was spinning, and then everything went black. My life was flashing through my mind, I was sure that I was going to die. My mind was going all over the place, then it stopped. It stopped where it all began. Hi, I 'm Travis Hayes. I am seventeen, have green eyes, and long dirty blonde hair. I am Caucasian, with somewhat of a build. I live in small town called Creston, Iowa. I was walking, on my way to school.. I was enjoying the November breeze.…show more content…
I sat and listened to what they had to say until the bell rang. I headed to physics, all was old and boring in in physics. The room had two six rows of lab tables, but my class was small. There was a window to my left, and I was gazing into the distance when I heard the tornado sirens go off. I thought it was weird. I turned and looked at everyone else and they were confused too. We went into the hall as the normal precaution where we have to put our heads down and get into a little ball. The teachers were talking to see if it was just a drill but no one knew. Then we all suddenly heard a loud screeching noise and glass breaking from inside one of the rooms. The teachers went to check it out only to find a dark figure standing in front of them. We heard a screech then a scream. I turned to the noise and saw a teacher falling to the ground with no head. I immediately got up and ran down the halls to find Vanessa. At this time everyone was panicking, and then I heard gunshots. Dark figures were shooting and students were dropping I finally found Vennesa hiding in a pre-calc classroom. I grabbed her hand and ran out the door. We started to run towards the exit of the school when I heard an explosion. I flew to the ground and my ears were ringing, I looked around and saw Vanessa laying on the ground a few feet away. I didn 't know what to do. I got up, but I was in a lot of pain. I made it over

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