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Many years ago, when I was still a child, my mother would bring me to the Henan province on New Year 's Eve. Every year, my mother would bring me door-to-door to visit my relatives to greet them and to give them gifts. I would always get excited that I would be able to visit my prosthetic legged uncle, “iron man”. One night I asked him, “Uncle, why do you have a metal leg, and how do I get a metal leg like yours?” My uncle turned his head away from me, and said, "I 'll tell you one day, maybe when you get older." Even though I was young, I still had the feeling that something was being hidden from me. A few years later, I asked him same question. This time, he grinned, and looked at my mother. She gently nodded her head, and my uncle turned his head back towards me and said, "Kennedy, I think it is time that I tell you." He continued, “In 1989, I was a college student at Tsinghua University, at the time the communist government ruled China. During this time, the government was corrupt down to its core; almost all officials in the government had were forced to submit to the leader of the Communist Party. It was a pure dictatorship meaning the dictator had power and anyone who didn 't comply was punished with prison or death. The tension during this time was surreal, growing day to day. Eventually on April 15, 1989, the Communist Party leader finally passed away, and the dam holding back the high waters of tension broke into crumbs. Everyone at my university wanted the

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