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- You sure you will be ok on your own? 3 years is a long time, if there is anything you need, don`t be afraid to call, got it? - Yes mom, we have already talked about this, i will be fine! - Well if you say so, it`s going to be wierd not having you around the house anymore. - You still have Yuki, take care of her while i`m gone! - Your sister and i will manage, atleast she is good at studying, good thing you have esper traces in your blood or else i woulden`t know what would have become of you! Mom always have a point, but i feel like this is my destiny! Ever since the doctor found traces of esper powers in my blood, i knew this was the school for me. The school bell rang. Time to start a new chapter in my life, the one i…show more content…
A Random female student noticed. - Those are the classes for those with powers, the class you are in right know is known as Class X, a temporarly class used only to manifest you powers, if you do not manifest your powers withing 1 month, you will be expelled and have to try again next year. - What are you saying? That is absurd! I turned down every other school for this! The same student shouted. The rest of the class got angry and consurned, me included. - You better not fail then! The teacher smiled. I had heard rumors about this, some say its because they try to flush out the weak ones and use those promising for either high production value when it comes to whatever job your ability works best with or military purposes. - Huh! I have no intention of failing! Who is she? Such determination, kind of encouraging. The teacher cleared the blackboard and wrote "Phase one" - Phase one have now officialy started! The teacher handed out 1 piece of paper to every student in the class. - What is this? Some kind of test already? Some other student questioned the teacher. - Find your dorm rooms and greet your roommate, the dorm number is on that paper aswell as information that could trigger your abilites, read all the information and feel free to test it out, all the school training grounds are open until midnight, now get moving! Be back here tommorow at 08:00! -Excuse me, sensei. Some cute girl shouted as the class was about

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