My Life - Original Writing

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I sprinted. I sprinted until my lungs burned, and my legs just couldn’t move anymore. I began to quiver with exhaustion. I knew he was still back there. Somewhere, hiding with his knife. Watching. I’d barely escaped with my life, he knew it and I knew it. I knew he was still on to me. Waiting until the perfect moment for when I wasn’t quite paying enough attention. He’d catch me off guard. I peer around, looking for a quick escape route through the tall dark trees. Granted, I could hide, but I’m terrified that he’ll find me, and I’ll have no chance to run. Today started out just like any other day. Little did I know it could be my last. I woke up this morning, at seven as usual. I guess you could say that something felt...well abnormal. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up for nearly the entire day. I never felt quite alone. The day continued on with unusual occurrences such as hearing my name being whispered, and doors in my home being open, when I distinctly remember closing them before going downstairs. As for why I was here in the first place, I guess you could say that it was quite foolish. I thought that I saw one of my childhood friends approach the trail head to a near abandoned hiking site. I followed her to see if she wanted some company. I never got the chance to ask. As I began to walk in the general direction that she did, I heard someone walking behind me. This took me by surprise, and I spun around. And peered into the distance. I thought

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