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As a child, I always used to think that my parents were indestructible. In my eyes, there was absolutely nothing that could hurt them. Obviously, there is no logic behind this preposterous belief, yet I still felt that way for almost a decade of my life. Unfortunately, my idealistic views came to an end when I was nine years old. My father, who was always some sort of superhero in my life, was diagnosed with end stage renal failure in the summer of 2006. All of a sudden, my super hero didn’t seem so indestructible anymore. When my parents first realized that my father might have complete renal failure, they didn’t initially tell me or my sister. There were many times that we were picked up from school by a family friend because my parents…show more content…
That night as I fell asleep, I wished that all I had to be upset about was the kitchen table. Unfortunately, my mother’s kidney wasn’t a match so my father had to undergo hemo-dialysis two times a week. During the first year, my father went to the local DaVita Dialysis center, which was only ten minutes away. My parents would go there two times a week, each session lasting for four hours. The constant exposure to the local DaVita Dialysis Center provided me with the opportunity to converse with other affected patients and their family members. During these twelve months, I realized just how wrong I was when I thought no harm could ever befall my parents or even other parents. It seemed like my father had transformed into a completely different man. He used to be so full of life, and suddenly he appeared so tired and drained of energy. Our nightly card games slowly turned into weekly card games, and we stopped going on vacations that lasted more than four days. Eventually, we were fortunate enough to start home dialysis. For the first couple of times, a nurse would come to make sure he was familiar with how to correctly connect himself to the machine. After a few weeks, my parents grew accustomed to the routine and did it on their own. Every Tuesday and Thursday after I came home from school, I would go to the basement and watch as my mother connected my
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