My Life - Original Writing Essay

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Her (my girlfriend) being new to the school, catching my attention, as she gracefully passed me by, not knowing how pretty she is, and me not knowing her name. She kept recurring, I never spoke to her, not even sure if she had even noticed my existence, completing if I even had a chance with her, or if I was just wasting my time. As she walked into my class, that when her eyes met mine, as she looked away shyly, almost like she was blushing, not knowing how her big beautiful brown eyes, captured my attention. As thoughts ran through my mind, I noticed something that was different about her, she wasn’t your average girl, she carried herself with such poise and confidence. Have you ever wanted to win a trophy, but not any kind of trophy, this was a trophy that people couldn’t claim they had, you would be the only one with this trophy, and that thought made you happy. I felt like I was in a competition for this trophy, unaware of how big the playing field was, or who were the players involved, I just knew I was one of them, and I had a chance to win. What is the significance of a trophy, and why did she remind me so much of one, a prize, trophy, medal, she was the award, and I wanted to win. How could you not see her as a prize, she was almost like a drug, and I was addicted to it, and I didn’t understand why, I didn’t know her name, or who she was, but I was destine to find out. Have you ever heard of the drug Marijuana, it gets you high, increase
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