My Life - Original Writing

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Adrika pulled her cardigan closer to her chest as she closed her wardrobe door. The last of clothes had arrived that morning. Her Grandmother had suggested that she should have her lunch before she started unpacking but Adrika wanted to get it out of the way. The idea of leaving stacks of boxes clogging up the entry way full of belongings that weren’t in their rightful place. “The sooner I get my things organised, the sooner I’ll settle in.” Adrika had said to her Grandmother. Kissing her on the cheek before lugging the boxes up the stair to the chilly attic which was now her bedroom. It was once her grandmothers sewing room before her arthritis made the stairs too much for her. Making it necessary for her to switch it over to her guest bedroom. Now that the guest bedroom was to now have a permanent occupant, Grandmother Alexander had intended to switch the rooms back so that Adrika didn’t have to make the trek up and down the stairs every time she needed to use the bathroom. Or have to endure a wet Victorian winter in the creaky room without a heater. But Adrika had insisted that the room was perfectly adequate and it didn’t make sense to make her grandmother tackle the stairs when she herself was much fitter. Adrika looked around her new room and smiled. Despite how drained the stairs made her grandmother, she had still managed to hobble up before Adrika had arrived to make it as cosy as possible. Shed placed one of her many intricate quilts that she’d handmade on

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