My Life - Original Writing

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All children would do anything to have a pet, I had it, but I had to endure the heat, mosquitoes and tiredness, even so my happiness did not last long. It was early morning in my home town Guayana city. My dad was preparing the car with enthusiasm, he had a happy expression on his face. I knew why, because we were going to do his favorite activity; Go fishing. Even with 10 years old I could notice how happy everyone was at that moment. On the way to the river my dad was talking to me and my sister about how to fish. I was listening to him carefully. I was anxious, it was the first time I went fishing with a fishing rod and not with a makeshift rod with stick and a short nylon thread. When we arrived to the place, I remember there was a big river with a clear blue color, many people around the river also fishing that it seemed there were not space for more, also there was a kind of dock with roof, it was old and abandoned. You could notice that it was old because even the bridge that supposed to be connected with the river and the dock, it was far away and hollow. The place was beautiful for my eyes even so, maybe because for me the moment was perfect and I did not want anything ruined. My dad was taking out of the car all his fishing implements, the fishing rods that by himself he made for me and my sister, his own, and his Great Fishing Toolbox. I looked him and he did not have the same expression of that morning, this time he had a worried expression in his face. I looked

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