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When I finally hit the ground, it was too late. Mike had already beaten me down. There was no turning back from here. I made my choice, to love my family more than anything else. And I don’t regret my decision. I should probably make myself comfortable, I’m destined to be here for a while. If only I was able to go upstairs and talk to our father. I would tell him how much I love him and how I could never see anyone as his equal. I’m better than all of them ,he has to know that, he’ll notice this once he sees how useless that garbage he brought home really is. Did Mike really have to push me down and into this dark basement? I guess it was his only option since I wasn’t ready to leave willingly. Even though he was only following orders he could have easily come with me. How could Dad expect me to love anything more than him? Why didn’t my opinion matter? Where in this hell of a situation is mom? I hope she comes home soon so that she could talk to dad about this punishment. I hate it down here. Its dark, the walls are red and I can see my reflection on the broken glass on the floor. Damn, i forgot my shoes upstairs. I’ve been down here for what feels like an eternity and my knees are still sore, I’m bleeding. I wish it was light enough down here for my eyes to adjust so that I could look around for some band aids or some gauze. There’s blood all over me. I know it’s blood because i can smell it and its starting to dry and get sticky between my fingers. It’s starting to drip
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